How to Load!

Click the video above to lean how to load and operate your QUIKCORD!

How big is QUIKCORD?

QUIKCORD is 6 inches long and designed to comfortably fit ina pocket, a utility pouch or a glovebox.

What is QUIKCORD made of?

QUIKCORD is made from a high impact polypropylene copolymer that offers excellent low temperature impact resistance as well.

How much paracord does QUIKCORD hold?

QUIKCORD was designed to store up to 25 feet of 550 paracord. However, there are 2 different sized dispensing holes on each end making it compatible with different sizes/tensile strengths of paracord.

Why does QUIKCORD not come fully stacked?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It’s vital to us that you know how to load and reload your QUIKCORD. When done right QUIKCORD works flawlessly, and by fully understanding your gear only increases your confidence in it.

Check out our “How To” video here.

Where is QUIKCORD manufactured and assembled?

QUIKCORD manufacturing will never be outsourced overseas to the lowest bidder. We stand by “Made in the USA” and are proud to bring jobs to our community.

Does QUIKCORD hold a patent?

You bet! 2 of them to be precise!

What is Quikcord!

QUIKCORD is a military inspired paracord dispenser that allows for tangle-free access to cord and provides an emergency signal known as a buzzsaw! ... Click the video above to lean more!!

What professional fields can QUIKCORD be used in?

The product was designed for military usage but its potential is only limited to your imagination! QUIKCORD is ideal for… outdoorsman, hunters, campers, hikers, boaters, fishermen, survivalists, emergency medicine, and yes military….

How many colors does QUIKCORD come in?

Initially QUIKCORD will only be available in 2 colors. Black w/neon green cordand Olive Drab w/camo cord. Stay tuned fornew colors and different cord choices!

How long does the buzzsaw signal last?

The provided snaplight will last 12 hours once its broken. A lot longer than a flare that’s for sure!

Can QUIKCORD be reloaded or refilled?

Absolutely! It’s meant to be refilled by you whenever you run low or are going out on a mission.

Check out our “How To” video here!

Can I buy QUIKCORD in bulk?

No problem! Contact us at for wholesale pricing and MOQ’s.